What Now?

St. John Bible Church

Christian College Scholarship Fund

Summary Sheet


Goals:                                   to support and promote Christian higher education by encouraging church

members to attend Christian colleges and seminaries; develop a climate of

personal support for students attending Christian colleges and seminaries

through broad congregational support to the fund.

Funding Level:                  The funding level for the 2022-2023 academic year will be dependent on the

amount of funds in the college scholarship account as of June 1st.  The amount

of funds at that time will then be divided equally among all the participants,

with the maximum amount being $500.

Qualifying Criteria:         1)  is a member of St. John Bible Church or is the dependent child of a

member as long as that child is not a member of another church.

2)  is enrolled full-time as a seminary or undergraduate student at an

institution which is a member of Council of Christian Colleges and

Universities. (http://www.cccu.org/about/members.asp)

3)  has made application to the church college relations committee each year

prior to their upcoming fall enrollment by the announced deadline.

Application Process:       Applications are available from the church college relations committee through

the church office and must be returned to the church office by

February 28th.

Student Expectations:   active participation in the religious life of the campus and must be maintaining

at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

Funding Sources:             This program is to be funded outside the regular church budget.  All

contributions to this fund are tax-deductible.  Families who have a

family member benefiting from this fund are asked to do what they can

to help with the projected giving goal per students.  Families might want

to spread out their contributions over a number of years to ensure the

sustainability of the fund.

Legal Issues:                      1)  funds must be equally available to all students.

2)  solicited funds are received broadly from the congregation as a whole.

3)  gifts given to the fund cannot be designated to benefit a specific individual.

Committee Members:   Randy Keeler, chair; Steve Dean, Jim Dray, Neil Reichenbach.